Thursday, January 21, 2010

a lot.

A lot of thinking has been going on in my head. Jayden, who is my niece Emma's 4 year old cousin, has cancer...again. She is undergonig more chemo than any person should ever have to endure, and especially any 4 year old should have to endure. I am sending as many positive thoughts their way as I can. And for anybody reading this, I'm sure you already know about her, but send one her way, also.

In other news (not that interesting) I have started a new pilates routine that takes me about 45 minutes everyday. I can't WAIT for the snow to melt so I can go running/walking again. The snow and ice, where I live, is just too scary for me to go out and do some cardio walking and running on. I'm a whimp, I know, but at least I got the pilates going on. I know it's so cliche to say you want to lose weight before your wedding, and I don't necessarily want to lose weight, I just want to feel really good about myself that day. I think excersing is a sure fire way to feel good about your body, even if you arent loosing tons of weight. So we will see! :)

Here's your everyday item.As you can see I took some of these pictures around Christmas time, so we have a little "tomte (santa/elf thing)" on the package. Mjuk means soft...because here in Sweden we have
"knäckebröd" which is very hard crisp bread. But honestly, I don't think they need to write the difference on the package, it's really obvious the difference, but...fairness is the name of the Swedish game. And, Swedish bread is a lot tasty than the bread we have. I'm going to miss it!

The Swedish word of the day is "bröd" which means "bread" and is pronounced "bruhd".


  1. I love the little tomte. It reminds me of the one Fredrik gave me last year. Which was out on my dresser this year.

    Love Mom

  2. I have been thinking about Emma's cousin so much the last few days. Poor little thing and her parents and all their family wrought with worry- life is not just unfair, sometimes it's cruel.

    And I say not running on ice does not make you a wimp! Sheesh. A 45 minute Pilates routine is more than most people do! Good for you, it will keep your spirits up, I'm sure.

  3. I am sorry to hear about Jayden and will add her to my list. As I am falling to sleep each night, I think of those people who have terrible struggles and pray for them and their people who care so much for them. My cousin's grandson, Mason, will be 6 tomorrow and he has been fighting leukemia since April.

    Good thinking not to risk falling and breaking a bone on the ice! Stretch and Balance; both necessary exercise!

  4. Oh, Ashley I am so sorry to hear about Jayden. Does she has caringbridge page or anything? I would love to learn more about her. I follow lots of kids with cancer now :( Cancer families sort of sniff each other out - it is nice to make connections with others who "get" it.

    Both of my kids love the Pågen brand Kannelbullar! I brought home several bags from my trip last October. And I agree, the Swedes are ALL about fairness. Which isn't really bad...

    Love the blog!