Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh yea

Also, I'm gonna make sure to answer questions. Since I have like...4 loyal readers, I better treat them good!

So starting with the last post, mom asked me when it will stop snowing here. Everybody keeps telling me..May. I don't know if they are just scaring me, or if they are serious. I have also heard that is when the snow will for sure be melted away. Ugh.

Sofia, we don't have a date here. Nor do we have plans. It's merely for legal purposes! :) Sorry!

This is ketchup! :) Felix is the most common brand, but I don't particularily like it. It's kind of thick and weird tasting. I usually buy Heinz for myself! :)
The Swedish word of the day is "flaska" which means "bottle".


  1. Aaw =(.. I wanted to come to your wedding =(..
    And it will not stop snowing in May here =P.. Haha.. If we have bad luck the snow will be here to the end of mars.. But most of the time Februari and the beginning of mars =).. But we don't have mucht to compare with, 'cause we don't have this much snow very often. I don't think it will last for so much longer =).. So don't worry! In May we have sun, flowers and green leafs and grass! Oh.. Want it to be May NOW!! =)

  2. It's amazing to me how here and there are almost exactly a like.