Thursday, January 14, 2010


Wow, planning planning is my life now. Since (even though its 5 months away) we are moving back to Kansas, we have to start the complicated process of moving ourselves over there! Firstly, we are getting married here in Sweden. Then determining if we should apply for Fredrik to be a permanate resident of the US here or in the US, then getting to the US, then planning an actual wedding! Whew! Busy. Then we have to think about setting up a new life in the US. House, car, phones, bills, jobs...2010 is the most adult year of my life! :)

Things here in Sweden are cold and snowy. I know it's been horribly cold in the US, but it has been here as well. It also snowed here many days in a row and hasn't disappeared. I'm so impressed with my snow/ice driving abilities, especially with a manual transmission. It certainly widens the car search up quite a bit, if I don't need to rely on 4 wheel drive and an automatic transmission. What a strong woman I am, eh? :)

Here's your normal thing of the day.

This is...duh...milk. It's pretty similar to the US, color distinction between the different percentages of milk. Here in Sweden though, they are incredibly lactose free friendly, which for me, is awesome. They have everything from milk to sour cream, whipping cream to cream cheese. I love it! The other thing with this milk is the date it expires, along with other products such as cheese and bread. Here, they use fresh products and A LOT less preservatives, which is so healthy, but things go back really fast! So the day this expires, throw it out! Once I bought Fredriks favorite bread and we didn't finish it all and I didn't think twice about just leaving it in the cupboard. But when we returned after the weekend, the 2 pieces left were COMPLETELY green. Fredrik was absolutely horrified I let that happen! It is pretty disgusting, but how many of us Americans leave a loaf of bread in the pantry for weeks and can still eat a slice?

The Swedish word of the day is "mjölk" which is "milk" and is pronounced "myuhlk".


  1. It's nice to have the days getting longer! When will it stop snowing over there?

  2. So you are getting married here?? =) When is the date??

  3. I married a Swede a little over two years ago. The process of moving is one thing but making everything legal is a nightmare!!! It took us almost a year before resident permits were attained and all was well! Good Luck!