Thursday, May 27, 2010

Now those are some cakes

Left cake is the 3 layer vanilla, the right is the 3 layer chocolate! :) I'm actually quite impressed with myself on my first real cake decorating venture. They look pretty amateur, but I think they will suffice! And as you know now, "grattis" means "congratulations".

Your Swedish thing of the day is some Swedish deer! These were in our front yard. As you can tell from the porch rail and the clothes hanger. They guys scare me so often too, they run away really fast everytime I walk out the door! I think somebody is running to attack me!
The Swedish word of the day is "tÄrta" which is "cake" and is pronounced "torta".Bold You can also use "kaka" which is a smaller cake and do me, used more often for cookies. Plus, I don't like this word, for obvious reasons. ;)


  1. Beautiful and Yummy I'm sure! Lucky Tara. Grattis Ashley on a good job! We'll be ready for those wedding cakes.

  2. Those are really awesome cakes!
    Discovering new talents, I see!

    Gran of The Dukes

  3. Those cakes look delicious! I can't wait to see the ones you do for your October wedding!