Wednesday, May 26, 2010

which one, which one.

Help me!

#2 ( I think I like this one best, in black and white.)







I have to decide which of these pictures to have as our framed picture. I CANNOT decide. These 8 are our top 8 choices and they come in a little album. But which one to get as the large one, we can't decide! I love these pictures, and I'm SO happy with them! And it was a lot of fun having our first professional pictures taken together!

Today I am busy baking 6 layers of cake to make 2, 3 layer cakes! One chocolate and one vanilla. YUM. Tara's early birthday party is this Friday, and for some reason I agreed to make the cakes! I'm crazy! Haha!

This weekend is Fredrik's farmor's (dad's mom) 80th birthday, so we are getting together with his dads side of the family, who I've never met before! I'm excited! And Sunday is Mother's Day here in Sweden. So we have a busy busy weekend coming up! Nice to be busy, takes the day away quicker untill my last day of work! Then I have one and a half monthes of freedom with Fredrik! We are trying really hard to schedule a trip to Germany! It's so exciting, and if we can pull it off, it would just top this amazing year off perfectly! Cross your fingers for us! :)

The Swedish thing of the day is this beautiful tree. Spring really is here, and I love it! Saturday we went to the Botaniska Trädgården (Botanical Garden). It was amazing! Much bigger than I thought it was! Lots of different gardens and even a herbal smelling garden. We went on a hike to a very huge hill that over looked the city. We are definitely going back soon. Kansas has many gorgeous tree's, bushes and flowers, but this tree literally took my breath away. The picture doesn't even do it justice!The Swedish word of the day is "bild" which means "picture" and "bilder" means "pictures".


  1. Definitely #5. Or #7. 5 or 7- that's my vote!!

    Great pictures- how did you find the photographer- was it someone Fredrik knew?

  2. I love #7 and #5.
    That tree looks like a painting!
    Enjoy your time together!

  3. Alyssa and I like #3 the best with #8 as our second choice. They are great pix. I can see why you are having trouble choosing. --Leslie